What Happened to Britney?

Las Vegas- No one likes to be under scrutiny. Put a magnifying glass to anyone and you will find the flaws. That's the downside of being famous. There is a huge upside, in a financial sense.

Britney Spears is one of those pop stars that seems to have a huge bull's-eye on their back. I don't know if she tries to paint that target herself, or does the media-induced frenzy paint it for her.

In the last month she was photographed with Paris Hilton at L.A.'s clubs. She has two young children at home and partying with Paris Hilton doesn't seem to be the right thing to do especially after filing for divorce from Kevin Federline. So what does she do this New Year's Eve?
Host a party at the night club, PURE, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Nothing wrong with a twenty-something going out and enjoying herself. Especially if a club is paying you a fee that has been reported anywhere from an outrageous $300,000 to a somewhat, dare I say modest, $30,000. I don't know what the details of her contract with the night club is, but its hard to turn down a job where you get paid to host a party.

Paris Hilton couldn't make the trip to Vegas, she was in Australia promoting beer. Actress Shannon Elizabeth, Jesse Metcalfe of "Desperate Housewives" and the co-found of myspace.com, Tom Anderson made an appearance.
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