Waking Up to a New Year

In a few hours things can change drastically.

On New Year's Eve I covered Britney Spears' party at PURE at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Took a few photos of her on the red carpet. She didn't pose long, just a minute and gone.

I stayed a while to see the fireworks on the strip. I thought that there was a chance that Britney might want to do the same and looked to see if she was at the night clubs' terrace overlooking the Strip. She did and I took some so-so photos of her from the street.

I went back to my hotel room and edited and transmitted the photos to my agency in New York and went to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning I was browsing the web looking for a tip on where Michael Jackson new home was in Las Vegas and came across a story about Britney collapsing shortly after midnight. I immediately called my agency in New York to tell them those Britney photos just got more valuable and to price them accordingly.

The strange thing was while waiting for Britney to show up at the red carpet, we photographers were joking about some of the club members came out stumbling out drunk and that you better be ready if Britney were one of them. No one really took it seriously, we were just bored waiting for her to show up.

It's not like you plan or even hope for stuff like this to happen. Its always a surprise.

I was not inside the club when whatever happened. I just shot some photos of her just before it happened. Britney's publicist stated she was tired and was sleeping. Whatever. It's a story either way.
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